Thursday, 9 July 2009

An attempt to learn from the past

One of the difficulties I've faced in the past is that my character is such that I feel a strong need to blend in to my surroundings. I don't like to stand out and garner attention. This means that when I've made some kind of proclamation or announcement, I feel very uncomfortable about it afterwards because it draws attention to me.

Therefore, rather than make a big announcement this time, I'm just quietly going to have a little break from drinking. Just a couple of weeks after this Friday, while (for once) I'm not committed to being anywhere or doing anything. I'll just take it easy for a bit and see if anyone notices or comments. I imagine someone will since it'll mean I won't be out and about as normal, and I'll probably curse myself halfway through, but it's in order as festivalling has depleted my batteries a bit recently. I did one all-nighter and it killed me the whole day after - how's that for a sign of age! I've found I need stark reminders like that to help modify my habits, and they are, after all, habits of a lifetime.

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