Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Dangerous situations

I'm pretty sure a big thing I need to do is lose trust in myself and keep myself out of dangerous situations. I came close, pretty damn close, to losing control of things at the weekend - the work's party and a trip to Manchester. It was mostly because I was stupid enough to put myself in situations where my sense of self-control is challenged by my surroundings. I suppose, as I mentioned a week ago, I'd been feeling buoyed by doing pretty well, and thought I could keep hold of control. As it was I came pretty close to getting messy; I only just clinged on.

I shouldn't have been so confident I could manage it, but it's hard to describe how you get filled with self-belief when you've managed something good for a while - only to have to accept that you're still just part way into the fight.

I'm off to Germany for a few days now, the home of beer.

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